I do not write a political blog, but as this year ends I just want to share a bit of the heaviness, yet the hope, of my heart. 

As this first decade of the millennium 2000 ends, I hope and pray that the next decade we face is filled with peace and love. So many of our Jewish, Muslim, Black, Disabled and LGBTQIA friends have had to face a reality of not feeling or being safe… that shouldn’t be, in this country, or anywhere on this planet. Yet it is a reality too many people, through no fault of their own, except for a quirk of birth, face.

Each day we walk on this Earth, we are given the opportunity to love our neighbor… or… at the very least, accept each other’s differences without rancor or violence. What happened to that old saying… Can’t we just get along?

So as 2019 closes, Scott and I wish you all Peace and Love… Happy New Year!

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Arriving at Tranquility

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