Those who have followed our blog know the beautiful work Scott accomplished constructing the cornices and molding in our bedroom. What you may not know, is he is not just a whittler, but an accomplished woodcarver. 

In hopes I may have the privilege of someday seeing his craft in action, I surprised him with carving tools. 

When it came to the finishing touches for the curio insert area by the fireplace in our bedroom, I dreamed of a frame with a Celtic pattern. After all, when in bed, either sleeping or watching television, the curio area is right beside our television… a perfect area for a unique touch. 

With a slight degree of trepidation (after all Scott’s list of challenges to be completed is miles long.) I asked Scott, “Do you think it might be possible to carve a Celtic pattern into the wood framing for our curio section?”

He looked at me… eyes huge… “What?”

Background information: About two years ago, notified me that I’m 50% Irish (Sine then, they updated my heritage and my Irish portion shrunk significantly and I became mostly English. In actuality, I am just a mutt.) Regardless, I wanted to embrace the Irish part of my heritage. The Irish have such lovely Celtic designs.

Scott, ever my adorable husband… with only momentary hesitation… undertook extensive research… found several Celtic patterns… and asked me which one “I” would like for the doorframe. He gave me my choice. He is doing the work, but I had the choice. (What a guy!) 

For the frame, I wanted a rather simple pattern, so we settled on a Celtic weave. Scott went to work. First, he measured. Then, he made a pattern on paper… adjusted proportions, drew the pattern on the wood, and the magic began…

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