Josh came home from the hospital. We were numb; filled with disbelief. After all, they had told us Josh did’t have long to live for so many years that now it just felt like the same old broken record. Josh always beat the odds, of course, he would this time too!

But, as the weeks and months passed the tumor on his shoulder grew larger and larger until we could no longer ignore the fact that our precious Joshie was losing this battle.

We treasured every day with Josh, but at the same time, Scott and I realized our world was being turned upside down. What would we do after thirty-five years of caring for Josh day and night? On top of that, Scott had decided he was ready to retire after twenty-three years at Assets School.

Here we are losing Josh, retiring, and at a loss of what to do next. Our oldest son, George, has a full busy life and travels all the time. Staying in our condo? This condo is and always will be Josh’s home. Everything we changed here was to make him more comfortable. Without him? Impossible!

Hawaii has been our home and heart since the early 60’s; now it felt it was time to consider moving on. But where?

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Arriving at Tranquility

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