First, is there any possibility my childhood home is for sale. It has been turned into a two family home and is not on the market.

As I wander around Gloversville via GoogleMaps, I show Josh
where I lived as a little girl. I show him where my Daddy’s factory stood.

He is thrilled. “Oh, Mom, I wish we lived in a Victorian house like that.”

My heart breaks. “Maybe someday we will. We have to get you healthier first.”

Then, I continue searching for an option to buy long distance. Tears in my eyes. My heart breaks… again and again… but, I keep looking.

I see a beautiful abandoned Victorian in foreclosure that I love. I show it to Scott. It says it is occupied. “No! I don’t want to take on an occupied foreclosure in a city where we don’t know anyone. We could be buying a totally ransacked house filled with people we couldn’t get out.” he says.

“Maybe there are people to help us,” I implore. But, he is firm and I move on to other houses.

We see a lovely house on Prospect. Scott thinks the yard is too small.

There stands a grand home on one of the major streets. It costs a little more than we planned on spending. But, it needs very little updating to be livable. We contact our real estate agent. Could he take more detailed pictures of the interior of the home, i.e., the attic, basement, and different angles of the rooms? We like what we see and ask to put in an offer. He emails a contract, which we fill out and return. I find an attorney willing to close a real estate purchase through email. Apprehensive since we have never attempted to buy a house without physically seeing it, we send a certified check via certified mail. We believe we are close to owning a home in Gloversville. The next Monday our real estate agent texts saying the house was sold over the weekend to another person.

My very first thought is that this is a sign Josh will be all right; though all his physical signs say otherwise. It is hard to let go of hope.

Discouraged, we step back and reevaluate our options. Is this what we want to do? Is it even possible…

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Arriving at Tranquility

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