By this point, we know we want the ceiling for our recessed area to be a continuation of our Divine Wine walls. But, what about the ceiling not in the recessed area? We debate back-and-forth. Should it be a solid neutral color? Should it be coffered? Or, should we splurge on another tin ceiling? 

Tin ceilings are so timeless. And, Scott and I have had such success with them. When we were in Hawaii, we installed silver tin ceilings in living room, kitchen, hallways, and the master bedroom. They made the apartment ceilings feel higher. (Ceilings in our condo were not even eight feet) Low ceilings are not a problem here. Besides, the Victorian era was the heyday of the embellished ceiling and we want this lovely cottage to reflect that heyday. 

Again, we want our bedroom to be intimate, warm, and sexy! (Please don’t roll your eyes. We are old, not dead.)

So… on October 11, 2018, we go to our standby tin company, American Tin. There are so many choices color-wise and pattern-wise. With thirty-nine patterns and fifty-three color choices, our heads are spinning… AGAIN!. 

We have been through this drill three times. We should be old pros. But, new patterns emerge, others disappear; so each time is a new adventure. We do know that for many of our rooms, copper tone ceilings is our go to color. Copper has such a intimate feel. But, again, even within the copper range about half of the color choices are shades of copper.

Finally, we decide on a twenty-four inch baroque cross with a deep, three-dimensional profile. The four quadrants are filled with hammered metal and a diagonal diamond pattern… a favorite for period ceilings. The color? An ARTISAN COPPER WITH BURNT UMBER… one of the more intricate colors. They told us that since it was one of their more complex patterns, it would be about a six week waiting period. Okay… that would be by Thanksgiving. We could wait. Scott installed the firring strips while we waited.

Firring strips…

Then, a call! Problems with one of their presses… the one needed to press out our pattern. After a two week delay, our ARTISAN COPPER WITH BURNT UMBER arrived and Scott installed it. 

Down the road, we will be installing crown molding to simulate the beautiful curved ceilings of our favorite Victorian era…

Next? Window frames…

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