Step Backward…

The end of last week we had an unexpected surprise that we would have preferred to not receive.

Please remember…. we had a twenty-two inch snowstorm, a four inch rainstorm, a six inch snowstorm, and freezing weather. Those weather conditions turned normal ‘snow roof’ into something more solid, like ice. Then, that warm weather caused havoc. 

It was early in the morning… about an hour before we were going to start our day. We heard a huge bang. (Now we’ve been hearing bangs over the last several days because the weather had warmed. The snow on the roof was sliding off in huge chunks. When it slides off, it sounds like a huge truck driving over our heads… making quite a bit of racket.) At this latest bang, I wasn’t too concerned. Though Emmi sounded repeated warnings of ‘danger!’ Scott was suspicious… a quick check revealed nothing. 

Then, Scott went down to our new kitchen. Water was dripping through our beautiful copper ceiling. 

Running upstairs, he said, “We have a problem!”

Turns out a huge slab of ice with a sharp point slid off the upper level roof and crashed into our kitchen roof. The weight of the block of ice, the speed of the fall, combined with the sharp point of the falling block… drove through our new kitchen roof.

Came down as solid block…

Scott found a tarp to cover the hole, while I called Jeremiah, our roofing man. After assessing the situation, it was decided the tarp was doing an admirable job. Jeremiah would return to repair the roof, beams, and possibly rafters when the weather improves. (At the moment we are awaiting Winter Storm Maya,expected to drop seven inches of new snow)


But, no one was hurt, except our sweet cottage, we are warm, and our cottage is wounded, but dry… 

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